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Boozy Babes - Love Potion #9 - Seasonal

Boozy Babes - Love Potion #9 - Seasonal

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Boozy Babes Infusion Kit includes: Apples, Raspberries & Sugar.

Directions: Fill the jar with choice of alcohol. Refrigerate for 3-30 days for desired infusion level. Shake before serving.

Recommended alcohol: Vodka, Clear Rum, Gin
Check out or recipes page for cocktail & mocktail ideas:

How to enjoy: Strain out 1-1.5 ounces of infusion, drink it straight, on the rocks or add to a mixer for a cocktail.

Serving Size = 1oz (Shot Glass)
16oz Jars will make 8-12 servings.
8oz Jars will make 4-6 Servings.
4oz Jars will make 2-3 Servings.

Jar can be infused at least twice.

**Alcohol NOT included**
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**Note - Contents may "shake-up" during transit**
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